Ionic Zip Library v1.9.1.6
Extract Method (stream)
Extracts the entry to the specified stream.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public void Extract(
	Stream stream
Public Sub Extract ( _
	stream As Stream _
void Extract(
	Stream^ stream
stream (Stream)
the stream to which the entry should be extracted.

The caller can specify any write-able stream, for example a FileStream, a MemoryStream, or ASP.NET's Response.OutputStream. The content will be decrypted and decompressed as necessary. If the entry is encrypted and no password is provided, this method will throw.

The position on the stream is not reset by this method before it extracts. You may want to call stream.Seek() before calling ZipEntry.Extract().

Assembly: Ionic.Zip (Module: Ionic.Zip) Version: (